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  • ibiza
    Your Green Ibiza Escape 2017
    Do you recognize that feeling of being overwhelmed by all the things you have to do? We have the solution: the Your Green Ibiza Escape/Retreat.
  • the vegan guide to thailand
    The vegan guide to Thailand – Bangkok, Koh Phangan, Chiang Mai & Pai
    Vegan (and gluten free) restaurants in Chiang Mai, Pai, Bangkok and Koh Phangan, Thailand.
  • detox vip
    Petrouchka's VIP Detox
    Door de The Green Happiness Detox is drukke moeder Petrouchka 2,3 kilo afgevallen, is haar obstipatie verdwenen, slaapt ze beter en heeft ze meer energie!


For our newest edition of Your 50 Days of Green Happiness, we traveled to Denmark to shoot a lot of wintry feeling pictures, matching the wintry recipes. We’ve created 50 day menu’s for you, menu’s with lots of fresh products and plenty of vegetables and fruit to nourish your body with as many nutrients as possible. Because we believe your body benefits from all those nutritional goodies. And that doesn’t have to be boring at all, because in this book you’ll find recipes like Creamy Butternut Lasagne, Vegan Tiramisu, Banoffee Pie, Gado-Gado and even Vegan Scrambled Eggs. Sounds good right?

Whether you’re looking for a delicious Christmas dinner, tips to survive your skiing holiday as healthy as possible, good tasting and fun children’s treats or even meditation tips for starters: you will find it all in this super big winter edition of Your 50 Days of Green Happiness. Want to know more about influencing the condition of your skin, hair and other parts of your ‘beauty’? There’s a big chance you’re going to enjoy this book a lot.

We believe that a big part of feeling well starts with what you do or don’t eat. When your body becomes more healthy, you will probably start noticing in other aspects of your life. We hope Your 50 Days of Green Happiness is going to change your life!

Love, Tessa & Merel

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