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Our mission: to inspire you to start eating healthy and to make you feel more energetic, sexier and give you a genuine glow. This way, we don’t only want to make you happier, but by eating healthy and plant-based you will also have an impact on your environment, animal welfare and the planet.

We believe it all starts with the foods we eat. By those things you do (or do not) put in your mouth every day, multiple times a day. When your body starts to function in a better way, you will notice it in all aspects of your life.

Why did we start The Green Happiness?
In Your 50 Days of Green Happiness we share our story with you. Tessa used to have a headache all the time and lots of stomach pains. Merel suffered from hormonal conditions, like PCOS and bad skin. All these things got less and less when we started eating healthy, we still do this today. Every day, we experience the impact of healthy food on our health and looks. Of course, we want you to experience this as well! That’s why we started The Green Happiness. During our studies, we had so much information available and we wanted to share all this with the rest of the world.

In our online magazine, we share information and inspiration about the impact of food on your health, but we also talk about other aspects in life. Experience this all yourself, by making our healthy, plant based but above all, super delicious recipes and let us inspire you to a complete Green Happiness lifestyle.

– 2009-2013/’14 Nutrition and dietetics, Hogeschool van Amsterdam
– 2014 Orthomolecular medicine, Ortho Linea
– 2014-2015 NRT, Applied Kinesiology,

As dieticians we are members of the Dutch Association of Dietitians (NVD) and quality registered in the Quality Register for Paramedics ( 34 Wet BIG). KP numbers: 19912116589 en 19912743389.

“It’s so awesome to see that those that are following our program, are indeed getting happier! We really love helping you all to get rid of certain complaints and to help you get prettier, more fit and healthier!”

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