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Questions about The Green Happiness

Our mission is to inspire people to become more aware of what they eat, so they can feel more energized, radiant and sexy. They will not only feel happier, but also have a positive influence on the animals, the environment and our planet.
We wrote Your 50 Days of Green Happiness (link) as a reaction to hundreds of questions we received from our clients and online followers. Of course it’s fun to get recipes and advise, but what is it you actually eat in a day? We wrote down fifty days worth of meals, so you can make the start to a healthier body, fully guided. But that isn’t all. In Your 50 Days of Green Happiness you will find much more. From the theories this program is based on, information about what your body can tell you about your health, to a lot of incredibly easy and delicious recipes that will inspire even the clumsiest cooks.
Your 50 Days of Green Happiness is a lifestyle-advice. With this lifestyle we want to inspire people to live healthier and more conscious.
Our dietary advice originates from the knowledge we attained during our Nutrition and Dietetics education, our subsequent education in orthomolecular medicine and our self-study in the field of naturopathy and nutrition. The hundreds of books we’ve read, the scientific research we’ve examined, the documentaries we’ve watched and the experience we have gained with guiding our clients and the physical changes we’ve noticed ourselves.
What is our advice based on? More fresh plant-based foods! With our recipes and daily menu’s we can inspire you step by step to eat more plant-based and less refined foods, in a fun and delicious way.
Yes, our recipes are always completely plant-based. However, in the first weeks of the daily menus in Your 50 Days of Green Happiness, you will find suggestions for incorporating meat and fish into the recipes. You can also find this in our advice, so that you can make decisions that fit you at that time. Slowly, we ourselves have started to eat more and more plant-based. Our reasons for this go beyond the health aspects solely, we are also concerned about the environment and animal wellbeing.
In our daily menus you will get protein via plant-based sources, such as (leafy) vegetables and legumes. The World Health Organisation suggests a calcium intake of 1000mg per day to be appropriate. This advice is based on the loss of calcium that is paired with the regular consumption of foods that are rich in dairy. Countries where people consume less dairy products (and therefore have a low calcium intake) and several studies show that there is less loss of calcium in the bodies of people who eat plant-based. These studies suggest that a calcium intake of 500mg is sufficient. In the winter edition of Your 50 Days of Green Happiness we will show you more ways to get protein and ways to check how much calcium you consume.
You can find iodine particularly in seaweeds. You can make (vegan) sushi on a regular basis, you can put some seaweed flakes on your salad of soup, or you can experiment with seaweed spaghetti. In the menu suggestions in Your 50 Days of Green Happiness you will find them incorporated in many dishes, which will ensure your iodine intake is sufficient. In the winter edition you can find extra information on this topic.
Anyone who wants to eat more consciously and wants to start feeling fitter! The basics of our advices are healthy for everybody. It is however important to suit it to your personal situation, body and needs. Your situation and body can change and therefore what is the most appropriate diet for you can vary. Only you can decide what nutrition is ideal for you! In our books we give you information and tools, so you can discover this for yourself. If you’re looking for personal guidance to change your diet, you can come to us. If you have a medical problem we advice you to consult with your doctor before changing your diet.
Your 50 Days of Green Happiness encourages you to eat super healthy. That is not only good for you, but also for your (unborn) child! This pattern of eating will help balance your hormones and eliminate toxins from your body; this will increase your fertility. The daily menus are composed for you to lose weight. If you are pregnant, weight loss is not desirable, so make sure to eat enough and increase your portions sizes if needed. In the summer edition of Your 50 Days of Green Happiness you can find a special chapter in which we give information about this topic.
We often refer to the use of salt baths because we see great results with our clients and we love to use it ourselves. A (foot)bath with mineral salt can help eliminate toxins from your body. Therefore it can help reduce problems such as eczema, acne, muscle pain, but it can also help if you feel a flu coming or if your joints are hurting. Your skin will feel super soft as well! You can find more information about this at, where you can also order their products online. We arranged a 5% discount for you! When you place your order, notify them that you came via The Green Happiness.
We advice you to first check the status of these vitamins in you body, before you start supplementing. Intake of vitamins is not always the same as the actual absorption. A check can tell you where you stand. Your doctor or therapist can advise you on the amount of supplementation you might need to bring or keep your vitamin levels at an ideal level for you. This also makes it possible for you to check at a later moment if the supplementation has its desired effects.

The body produces vitamin D under the influence of sunlight, so spent some time outside! Vitamin B12 can only be derived from animal products. Eating animal products is, however, no guarantee for an optimal status of the vitamin in you body. Make sure to check on a regular basis, regardless of your diet, and supplement if needed. If you would like personal advice, you can come to us for a personal consult.


Our recipes are based on fresh, unrefined, plant-based foods. In the recipes we use a lot of fruit and vegetables in combination with sources of complex carbohydrates. You will also find nuts, seeds and legumes in our daily menu suggestions. In the daily menus of Your 50 Days of Green Happiness we give options to add meat or fish. We also use meat and dairy substitutes.
It is possible to eat too much fruit and thereby consume too much sugar, but in our daily menus we have balanced this out very carefully. Sugar (glucose) is the main source of energy for our body. Our body transforms food from every food group into glucose, so it can function as a source of fuel for our cells. When you eat fruit, you not only consume fruit sugars, but you also consume water, vitamins, minerals and fibre. This combination makes that fruit is processed differently in the body than white table sugar. Because of the fibre and the water, the sugars are absorbed into the bloodstream much slower. This will result in more stable energy levels and a more satiated feeling.
The World Health Organisation advises adults to derive 10% of their daily calorie intake from protein; this is our advice as well. If you consume enough calories to maintain a healthy bodyweight, while consuming mostly fresh unrefined plant-based foods, it is almost impossible to be protein deficient. Too much protein on the other hand can be very stressful for the kidney and liver. In Your 50 Days of Green Happiness we give a more in depth explanation about this topic. We also refer to the scientific sources we have used. We also discuss protein intake while exercising and we explain how you can calculate how much protein you personally need and how to supplement if needed.
We advise not to add too many extra fatty products, like oil or fried foods, to your meal. The World Health Organisation also advises to keep your intake of fatty foods low. In almost every food there is an amount of fat. Your body needs this fat in small amounts. In Your 50 Days of Green Happiness we explain more about this topic. You can also find our references to the scientific sources that support this.
We have based our nutritional advice and daily menus on the advice given by the World Health Organisation and other scientific research. We have put together our advice and our menus with a lot of care. We advise to eat as much fresh and unrefined products as possible, so that you will eat foods containing the greatest amount of nutrients. We also focus on digestion, to enable your body to absorb the nutrients effectively. We do advise you to check your vitamin levels regularly, regardless of your diet. Your vitamin levels depend on more factors than only your consumption.
The stronger the structure of the sugar around the cell, the better the processes in the body run. These sugars are called glyconutrients. They are only found in foods that have fully ripened on the tree/shrug. In the summer edition of Your 50 Days of Green Happiness you can find more information on this topic. We personally use glyconutrients in the form of a pure plant-based supplement. You can find more information about this via
Hoe sterker de suikerstructuur om de cel, hoe beter álle processen in het lichaam gaan. Deze suikers worden glyconutriënten genoemd en komen in voedingsmiddelen terecht op het laatste moment van het rijpingsproces aan de boom/struik. In de zomereditie van Your 50 Days of Green Happiness leggen we hier iets meer over uit. Persoonlijk gebruiken wij glyconutriënten ook in de vorm van een puur plantaardig supplement, meer informatie hierover vind je via
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