• All you need to know about hormones and their balance
    Are you suffering from a hormonal unbalance? This is all you need to know about hormones.
  • The vegan guide to Vienna
    Vegan restaurants in Vienna? We've listed a few good ones!
  • chocola
    Top 5 recepten met chocola!
    Nou en of, wij zijn DOL op chocola! Een dag zonder chocola, is een dag niet geleefd ;). Daarom maken wij ook graag recepten met chocola. Elke vrouw wordt hier blij van (en mannen ook toch?). Ben je opzoek naar iets lekkers? Dan hebben wij hier een top 5 gemaakt met onze favo chocolade recepten.
  • Having a tough time finding and keeping love? This could be the reason
    You’re probably heard about writer Jan Geurtz. If you haven’t yet, now might be a good time learn more about him. Jan is a writer (you might know him from his book Addicted to Love), he studied orthopedagogics, Educational Science and Philosophy of Science, and is inspired by Buddhism. Our Editor in Chief Gabriëlle went to one of his lectures organized by De Bewustzijn School (The Consciousness School). The theme? In Love.
  • This is what your eye color can tell about your health
    Did you know eyes can tell a lot about your health?
  • Our favorite documentaries for the conscious mind
    This list is not about food, but definitely worth watching when you want to become more conscious about how you live and what you consume.
  • These movies about the meat industry are worth watching
    We do get the question oftentimes whether we know some interesting films or documentaries. Yes we do! A lot 😉 It’s not like we never watch rom coms (definitely guilty), but we love eating a bowl of popcorn just as much while watching a good documentary. So we’ve made a list for you with our favorites:
  • Tips for eco friendly traveling
    Do you love to travel, just like our editor in chief Gabriëlle? But do you like to travel as conscious as possible without having to spend your summers on the camping nearby? We’ve got some tips for you!
  • Easy tips to eat more vegetables
    Everybody knows: vegetables are necessary for a healthy body. But eating enough of those isn’t always easy (and let’s be honest, we also prefer a piece of chocolate over a carrot). So how does one eat more vegetables without feeling like a bunny? Read and apply!
  • Turn your bathroom into a home spa with these tips
    Drowsy Saturday or just really looking forward to some proper me time? Of course you can opt for a lovely massage or a spa visit, but you can also turn your own bathroom into a home spa.
  • A method that could help your body heal quicker? I tried this method and here’s what I learnt
    A method that promises to facilitate the recovery process of your body and makes sure you barely feel cold anymore? To me, that sounded like something I had to try.
  • ibiza
    Your Green Ibiza Escape 2017
    Do you recognize that feeling of being overwhelmed by all the things you have to do? We have the solution: the Your Green Ibiza Escape/Retreat.
  • the vegan guide to thailand
    The vegan guide to Thailand – Bangkok, Koh Phangan, Chiang Mai & Pai
    Vegan (and gluten free) restaurants in Chiang Mai, Pai, Bangkok and Koh Phangan, Thailand.
  • detox vip
    Petrouchka's VIP Detox
    Door de The Green Happiness Detox is drukke moeder Petrouchka 2,3 kilo afgevallen, is haar obstipatie verdwenen, slaapt ze beter en heeft ze meer energie!
  • The vegan guide to Vietnam – Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Cat Ba
    Eating vegan in Vietnam, difficult? Not necessarily. Here are our favorite vegan hotspots for Hanoi, Ninh Binh and Cat Ba in the north of Vietnam.
  • detox leonie
    Léonie's VIP Detox
    Door de detox is Léonie 3,2 kilo kwijtgeraakt, heeft ze geen last gehad van heftige menstruatieklachten, verbeterde haar stoelgang en had ze meer energie!
  • Recipe: Coconut Chocolate Ice Cream
    These Coconut Chocolate Ice Creams are perfect to make on a hot summer day! Really, they taste heavenly. You can find the recipe on our blog.
  • Blog: This is what every woman wants to know
    In het blog Tessa writes about Sensiplan: an alternative to hormonal contraception. This is what every woman wants to know!
  • split
    Recipe: Split Ice Cream with Mango
    These split ice creams taste like the popular ones but a little bit different! And of course they are way healthier.You can find the recipe on our blog.
  • mango
    Recipe: Mango Temptation Ice Cream
    Refreshing Mango Temptation Ice Cream with mango and a touch of orange. Perfect for when the sun is shining! You can find the recipe on our blog
  • 5 rules to live a happy life according to (former) monk Liladhar
    For the last 15 years Liladhar has lived as a monk. He is initiated into Vaisnavism and he practices bhakti-yoga. He shares 5 rules to live a happy life.
  • Recipe: Pasta Carbonara
    Everybody loves pasta, right? Pasta Carbonara is SO delicious, but often it’s not healthy. This recipe is! Pasta with 'cream' and vegan Parmesan, enjoy!
  • cupcakes
    Fruity Birthday Cupcakes
    Last week it was my (Tessa) birthday! And what is a birthday without a good cupcake, right? That's why I made these delicious fruity cupcakes!
  • Tips to fall asleep more easily you probably haven’t heard of yet
    Are you a difficult sleeper? These trics can make it that much easier to fall asleep. Have you ever heard of the ‘fifteen minutes of worrying’, for example?
  • Veerle: "I've lost 3,3 kg in 30 days"
    Veerle had gained 3 kg within 3 months, she decided she needen to make a change. With Your 50 Days of Green Happiness she has lost 3,3 kg in 30 days!
  • massage
    Why it’s a good idea to get a massage every now and then
    What the benefits are of a massage? A better blood circulation and relaxation, for example. This is why it’s a good idea to be massaged every now and then.
  • seaweed burger
    Green seaweed burger with cheese sauce and bacon
    A seaweed burger made with sweet potato and buckwheat, with cheese sauce and seaweed bacon... sounds good right? Delicious on a bun or with a green salad!
  • Hotspot Enschede: Het Paradijs
    It was a long drive, but this hotspot was definitely worth it. Restaurant Het Paradijs has a beautiful courtyard and a delicious vegetarian menu.
  • raw oreo
    Recipe: Raw Oreo Cookies
    Yes, Oreo's are vegan, but not everything that's vegan is also healthy... Thas why we made these Raw Oreo's. You definitely want to try these
  • How my teeth have become stronger since I started eating plant-based
    To find out if my teeth got stronger because I started eating more plants, I talked to Maartje (dentist at dental practice ‘De Liefde’).
  • Pistachios for better performance between the sheets?
    Approximately one hundred men worldwide suffer from impotence. Pistachios can help you perform better between the sheets! In her blog Tessa explains how.
  • succesverhaal tessa
    Tessa: "I've lost 15 kilos in 50 days"
    In January Tessa started with Your 50 Days of Green Happiness, she's had an amazing time. She lost 15 kilos in 50 days! You can read her story on our blog.
  • blueberry almondcake
    Recipe: Blueberry Almond Cake
    A delicious Blueberry Almond Cake! For whenever you have something to celebrate, or if you just feel like a treat. You can find the recipe on our blog!
  • acupuncture
    What is acupuncture and why would you do it?
    Getting rid of health issues by using an ancient form of medicine without having to use actual medicine? Gabriëlle shares her experience with acupuncture.
  • succes story anouschka
    Anouschka: “My chronic headaches are almost completely gone.”
    Anouschka struggled with chronic headaches and stomach issues. With the help of our Anouk she changed her diet. Her headaches are almost completely gone!
    Hotspot Amsterdam: ROOTS
    The best burgers in town? We had a taste and now we know where to go! To Roots in Amsterdam. We went by to taste their burgers and they are amazing!
  • smoothie bowl
    Recipe: Smoothie bowl with homemade granola
    Making your own granola is fun and easy. You can store it for a few days. Sprinkle it over your smoothie bowl and your day will be off to a good start!
  • the green happiness
    Lillian: “I’ve lost 4 kilos and my skin is calm”
    Lillian ordered Your 50 Days of Green Happiness during the holidays, she has now lost 4 kilos! How she did it? You can read it on our website!
  • mascara
    The big cruelty free mascara test
    Cruelty free mascara, preferably vegan, that stays on our lashes. We looked for mascara’s that complied with those requirements by starting a mascara test.
  • oatmeal
    Recipe: Green oatmeal with figs
    This recipe for green oatmeal is a perfect breakfast to start the day with. Delicious with figs and a secret ingredient: zucchini!
  • don't give a fuck
    This is how you can spend more time doing the things you like
    In her book 'Don't give a f*ck' Sarah Knight developed a method, to enable you to spend more time doing the things you like. Read here how!
  • apple crisps
    Recipe: Apple Crisps
    Do you have something to celebrate? Or are you looking for a great snack for movie night? We have the perfect healthy snack for you: Apple Crisps!
  • potato kale pie
    Recipe: Potato-Kale Pie with Mushroom Gravy
    This Potato-Kale Pie is the perfect dish to make for friends on a winter day. Inspired by the typical Dutch dish: boerenkoolstamppot, but different!
  • bounty pie
    Recipe: Tropical Bounty Pie
    After seeing the Oh My Pie book, we had no choice but to dive into the kitchen to make one for ourselves. We made the delicious Bounty Pie!
  • food diary yvonne
    Your50Days Food Diary Yvonne
    Better skin, thick hair and a healthier lifestyle! Are you curious to see what Yvonne's week of eating looks like? Then continue reading.
  • pumpkin pie
    Recipe: Savory Pumpkin Pie
    Pumpkin, an ingredient we can't get enough of. This time we made a Savory Pumpkin Pie, with a crust made from sundried tomatoes.
  • birth control
    Different types of birth control, how to know which one matches you?
    What options do you have when choosing a birth control method? We listed the different options for you, so you can check out what suits you best.
  • apple compote
    Recipe: Apple Compote
    Do you have a lot of apples left? We thought of a delicious recipe for Apple Compote to serve as a side-dish or dessert. It's very easy and quick to make.
  • Shortbread Heaven
    Recipe: Shortbread Heaven
    These cookies are the perfect snack to put a smile on someone's face. They are delicious and made with chocolate, do we need to say more?
  • eat
    Why it's important to eat when you're happy
    Whenever you're angry, stressed or sad, this can cause you're body to absorb less nutrients after eating your meal, Tessa explains in her new article!
  • Food diary
    Your50Days Food Diary Monique
    In May of 2016 Monique started Your 50 Days of Green Happiness, out of curiosity. She kept a week-long food diary for us!
  • falafel sticks
    Recipe: Crispy Falafel-Corn Sticks
    Do you already know what to make for your Valentine this year? With these Crispy Falafel-Corn Sticks you will definitely impress!
  • raspberry mousse
    Recipe: Raspberry Mousse
    Will you be eating chickpeas this week? You can make a delicious raspberry mousse with the liquid. Perfect for a romantic date right?
  • Roasted Cauliflower
    Recipe: Roasted Whole Cauliflower
    This recipe may look like a chicken from the oven, but it's not! No... this is a roasted cauliflower, with an amazing sauce. SUPER DELICIOUS!
  • environment
    I realized how much impact my shopping behaviour had on the environment, I found a way to turn it around
    Until a year ago intern Aranea wasn't aware of the impact the clothes she bought had on the environment. Fortunately she found a way to turn this around
  • bietenburger
    A guide for people who want to eat plant-based
    Will you be very limited in your food choices, or not at alll? We've made a very handy and comprehensive guide to eating plant-based!
  • portobello caprese
    Recipe: Portobello Caprese
    Are you having guests over and do you want to impress? This recipe for Portobello Caprese is amazing! We're sure everyone will love the vegan mozarella!
  • Den Bosch
    The Healthy Guide To Den Bosch
    Food-editors Jorian and Anouk spend a day in Den Bosch to visit hotspots. They experienced that delicious and hearty food can be very healthy as well!
  • hummus
    Recipe: Hummus Threesome
    We use it for dipping, for smearing, as a topping or even as a dressing for our salads. We will share three of our favourite hummus variations.
  • deo
    The big chemical free deodorant test
    There are so many different types of chemical free, vegan, cruelty free and all natural deodorant. We tested six different brands for you!
  • Naomi
    Naomi: “I never knew losing weight could be so much fun!”
    “I started the 50 days and I never stopped!" Last year Naomi started with the old winter book. In the meantime she followed two books and lost 17 kilos.
  • golden milk
    Recipe: Golden Milk
    Sometimes, all you need is a little sunshine. Unfortunately we don’t control the weather, but we can cheer you up with this recipe for colourful Golden Milk.
  • nutella smoothie
    Recipe: Nutella Dream Smoothie
    Craving chocolate? But not in the mood to undo all the progress that you made? This Nutella Dream Smoothie is the answer to all your troubles.
  • pumpkin bread
    Recipe: Savoury Pumpkin Bread
    This is one of our most requested recipes: savoury bread. This bread is amazing on it’s own, but even better with a touch of hummus!
  • period
    The secrets of your period
    We have delved ourselves into the world of hormones and will reveal the secrets of the menstrual cycle to you.
  • water
    The easiest and fastest way to lose weight and have more energy
    The easiest and fastest way to lose weight and have more energy: water! Did you know these 10 facts about water?
  • binaural beats
    Binaural beats for better concentration and to help with chronic pain?
    What are binaural beats and why would you listen to them?
  • Anilka
    Anilka: "In 150 days I've lost 14kg and the end is not yet in sight"
    Anilka was curious about what a plant-based diet could do for her. She lost 14kg and she no longer suffers from stomach problems or daily headaches.
  • winter fruit casserole
    Recipe: winter fruit casserole
    Do you have too much fruit left by the end of the week, that you can't possibly finish? We have an amazing recipe for fruit leftovers!
  • Buddha bowl
    Recipe: Buddha bowl
    A buddha bowl combines, as were told, the principles of Chinese and Japanese medicine. A bowl filled with goodies, as you can see!
  • brownies
    Recipe: No bake vegan brownies with chocolate genache
    No bake vegan brownies with chocolate ganache. This recipe can be used as a special treat, but also as dessert. Good to know: it’s completely guilt free!
  • Milan
    The Healthy Guide to Milan – healthy and vegan hotspots
    Eating healthy, plant based and gluten free in the country of pasta, pizza and ice cream? In Milan it’s a piece of cake.
  • cookie dough balls
    Recipe: Cookie Dough Balls
    Eating these cookie dough balls feels like eating actual cookie dough. But it’s a lot healthier. And they are perfect to still that sweet craving.
  • meal
    Is it a meal or is it a snack?
    We got a lot of questions about portion sizes, that’s why we want to give some clarity on that subject.
  • apple pie balls
    Recipe: apple pie balls
    These balls are like a mini apple pie: the perfect sweet snack for when you need an energy boost!
  • greens
    Can Greens Make You Happy?
    We noticed that we became happier when we switched to a more plant based diet, but is there any scientific proof that supports those feelings?
  • spiritual
    Spiritual lessons from our favourite foods
    Our top 5 favourite foods and what they can do for you on a spiritual and emotional level, according to Anthony William!
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