Personal nutritional advice for a happy, healthy you!

Would you like to go one step further? Stop by for a personal nutritional advice. A nutritional consultation involves building a detailed picture of health.

We are very passionate to help you and would love to see you leave our office in a healthy state. We will provide nutritional advice adjusted to your current living circumstances, to any physical symptoms and tailor it to your specific goals. A personal guidance can be helpful if you need an extra push to reach your goal!

After an elaborate intake in which our Personal Coach decreases a diet history, you will receive a personal dietary plan. You’ll also get a instruction book with an example of a daily menu adjusted to your goals. Your personal advice will be emailed to you. There’s always room for questions or contact via email during the consults.




During the intake (60 min) we’ll do an official screening and based on this you will get your personal advice. This intake includes detailed instructions and recipes.

  • Intake (60 min), in our office in Amsterdam, by telephone or via Skype (goals and nutrition will be analyzed and talked about and you will be given personal advice and recipes)
  • Personal nutritional advice
  • The Green Happiness instruction booklet
  • Examples of day menu’s and recipes
  • Option: tailor made Detox plan
  • Option: measuring (weight etc)
  • Rate: € 99 incl VAT

When you decide to book a follow-up consultation, we will measure you during the intake and during the follow up consultation to keep track of your progress.


Follow-up consultation

During the follow-up consultation we will discuss what went good and what didn’t go good. We will do some body measurements and answer your questions. Afterwards, we suggest new treatment targets and we award you the necessary tools to continue the process. The following consultation usually takes place two to three weeks after, the third after six to eight weeks.

  • Follow-up consultation (30 min) in our office or via phone or Skype
  • Measuring
  • Questions will be answered and the progress will be discussed
  • Rate: € 39 euro incl. VAT


Are you looking for some nutritional help, but don’t really need a personalized advice? You’re always welcome to our Q&A. For thirty minutes long, we will answer your questions and help you with your personal goals or complaints.

  • Consult (30 min) in our office or via phone or Skype
  • Option: measuring
  • Rate € 39 incl. VAT
“Anouk explained me quite clear why certain food combinations cause poor digestion or make you feel bloated (I suffered from both). When I follow her instructions, I feel so much better!” – Sophie van Gorp

‘Wow I feel amazing! I don’t suffer from head aches anymore and because of all the tips, I seem to have my Irritable Bowel Syndrom under control so much, that I don’t have any pain anymore. Plus: I’ve got plenty of energy!”
– Kelly Semler 

Stop by for a consult

“My name is Anouk, I’m 25 years old and have been working for as a Personal Coach at The Green Happiness for over a year now. During my studies in business my interest in health prevailed. Nutrition and natural medicine is something that interests me greatly and in which I, in the recent years, have further deepened and developed.

Besides my IB and MBA education I devoured many books and training courses in the field of nutrition and natural medicine.

While writing my Master’s thesis I took the step to work at The Green Happiness. What followed was the decision to start following an education in Orthomolecular Medicine.

Guiding clients and inspiring them to take good care of themselves is something I do with lots of enthusiasm on a daily base. I believe that the way you eat (as pure and healthy as possible) can positively tribute to how you feel, mentally and physically. I also believe that it’s about creating balance, and that balance is different for everyone. During a consult I try to find the best possible balance for you!”

Profile Anouk

  • Current: Orthomolecular Medicine
  • HBO International Business
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Natural Medicine
  • HBO Basic Medical Knowledge
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Deacidification and detox
  • Education Detox coach
  • Biotensor
  • Bach Bloesem

“Anouk, you’re wonderful! Thank you so much, your advise has been so helpful and I can’t wait to alter the way I eat.”
– T. Willink

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