NEW Winter Edition: Your 50 Days of Green Happiness


A winter book with a Scandinavian edge and more than 200(!) recipes: the new winter edition of Your 50 Days of The Green Happiness is born. In this book you’ll find – alongside delicious recipes – useful information about how to get (and keep!) your body in an optimal condition.

No winter book without typical winter recipes, of course. How does creamy butternut lasagna sound? Or vegan tiramisu? It gets better: how about sushi donuts and burgers with fries? And yes, all the recipes are plant based!

We believe that it all starts with eating well. With what you put (or don’t put) in your mouth every day, multiple times a day. When your body is going to function better, you’ll notice a change in all the aspects of your life, we’ve experienced. Prepare yourself: Your 50 Days of Green Happiness is about to change your life!

  • 50 complete, fun and easy day menu’s that fit well in your busy life.
  • Including weekly grocery lists to make it even more easy.
  • Lots of information about what food does to your body.
  • More than 200 recipes, including 134 new recipes (did anybody say Tiramisu?).
  • Delicious and healthy party recipes, snacks and children’s treats.
  • With a double ribbon marker, so you can find your favorite pages.
Good to know
The books are written in Dutch! 

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