Geeske, lost 10,8 kilos (23,8 lbs) in fifty days:

‘-10,8 kilos (-23,8 pounds), 8 centimeter (3.1 inches) of my hips and 6 centimeter (2.3 inches) of my belly. After two weeks people started giving me compliments about my glowing skin! I started Your 50 Days to lose weight. I chose TGH because of the daily menu’s, it’s the kind of structure that I need to lose weight and I missed cooking. I hadn’t been doing much cooking because of my busy work. Instead of being a typical couch potato after work, I put on some music and spent my entire evening in the kitchen. I only need to lose 5 more kilos (11 pounds) and then I’ve reached my goal. Let’s go!’

Marlie, always had severe stomach aches:

‘About six years ago I started to have troubles with the way I was eating. I got nauseous very often and couldn’t handle much. Because of the severe stomach and intestine aches, I started eating less and less. I lost 15 kilos (33 pounds) in a short period of time and became very unhealthy skinny. What followed was hospitalization and lots of investigations that lead to nothing. I had to gain weight and I was given supplementary feeding: I had to eat all the things that had given me so much pain. I felt really bad but continued. I started to exercise after every meal and that made me feel a bit better. Then I found The Green Happiness! Since then, I’ve felt so much better. By cutting out meat and fish I feel so much lighter. I’m forever grateful, and so is my stomach.’

Willeke, has lost 10 cm (3.9 inches) around her waist:

‘I’ve lost 10 cm (3.9 inches) around my waist and for me, that’s amazing! I never thought that I would go vegetarian, let alone plant based, but The Green Happiness is the first thing that I can keep up with. It makes me feel so good!’

Susan, had bad experiences with losing weight:

‘Sugar was my worst enemy, maybe even an addiction. I didn’t want to put emphasis on dieting, since that had gone wrong before. But I did want to teach my body it doesn’t always need refined sugars. I learned about The Green Happiness through Facebook. After much deliberation I bought the book. After 50 days, the result was that I lost 10,1 kilos (22,2 pounds). I am so happy! Next to that, I now also have a better stool and the skin of my face is super soft and smooth. Before, on my period, I was covered in pimples, these days I don’t have that anymore. Whenever the winter edition is available, I will go for another 50 days. After that I want to find a good balance for myself.’

Linda, gained something she wasn’t expecting:

‘I started Your 50 Days of Green Happiness to get rid of my eczema. I wasn’t entirely successful, but I also didn’t stick a 100 percent to the diet. The effect The Green Happiness díd have on me, I actually thought was even more valuable. I started living a plant based lifestyle and I’m so grateful for that.’

Anilka, lost 14 kilos (30 pounds) after 150 days:

‘After finishing the Summer edition, I now also completed the Winter edition. In between the books I used some old recipes and I have been living the Green Happiness way for 150 days now. I’m so grateful for all the delicious recipes and have rediscovered my love for cooking. On top of that, I’m over the moon with the result. I’m slimmer and fitter than I’ve ever been. Without forgo (except doing those horrible dishes, wink wink) or hunger.’

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